"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled"




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Mentee gets a lot of maternal support and well-wishes before he ships out to the navy.

"Our students visit relatives and friends at U of M Eastern Shore".

On a visit to Fisk University 7th & 8th graders ponder their future.

The Colleges and Universities
where TVC scholars have
been accepted, admitted, attend or have graduated

Alabama State University
Allegheny Community College
Allen University
American University
Benedict College
Bennett College
Boston College
Bowie State University
Brown University
Catholic University of America
Clark Atlanta University
Coppin State University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Dillard University
Drexel University
Emory University
East Carolina University
Fisk University
Florida A & M University
Florida Memorial College
Florida State University
Frostburg State University
George Mason University
Goucher College
Grambling State University
Hampton University
Hood College
Howard University
Jackson State University
Johns Hopkins University
Kentucky State University
Loyola College
Marymount University Mississippi Vally State University
Morehouse College
Morgan State University
Mount St. Mary's University
Norfolk State University
North Carolina A & T State University
North Carolina Central University
Morehouse College
Northeastern University
Old Dominion University
Penn State University
Prince George's Community College
Princeton University
Rutgers University
Saint Paul's College
St. Johns University
St. Mary's University
Salisbury University
Savannah State University
Shaw University
South Carolina State University
Southern University
Spelman College
St. Bonaventure
Temple University
Tennessee State University
Towson State University
Trinity College
Tuskegee University
University of Baltimore
University of Delaware
University of the District of Columbia
University of Illinois
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
University of Miami
University of University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia State University
Virginia Union University
Voorhees College
West Virgina State University
William & Mary University
Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana

On a visit to California University in Pennsylvania (CALU), students found a great opportunity, tremendous professors, and great student support services.

The Village Connection, Inc.(TVC), a 501 c3 Charitable Youth Enrichment Organization

Combined Federal Campaign#
CFC# 69243
Maryland Charitable Campaign#
MCC# 20103

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The student tour guide provided a spirited evening visit to Hampton University.

TVC College Access Program College Tour Rosters
2008 IVY LEAGUE College Tour Scholar Roster

1. Bell, Jarrett - Central High School
2. Cook, Jasmin - Benjamin Banneker High School
3. Davis, Embry - Central High School
4. Dorsey, Bianca - Bladensburg High
5. Henderson, Lindsey - Bladensburg High School
6. Johnson, Amber - Northpointe High School
7. Miner, Samaya - Oxon Hill High School
8. Moore, Thomas - Bladensburg High School
9. Mutoh, Kwame - Bowie High School
10. Reid, Iesha - Bladensburg High School
11. Slaughter, Evan - Oxon Hill High School
12. Toney, Siera - Benjamin Banneker High School
13. Washington-Roque, Naomi - Bannker High School

2008 Southwestern HBCU Tour Scholar Roster

1. Allen, Christina - Isaac J. Gourdine High School
2. Blackmon, Leola A., Kappa high School, Richmond, CA
3. Bowman-Person, Taisha - Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School
4. Cannon, Queshon - Mount Vernon High School
5. Dickens, Brandon A., Isaac Gourdine Middle School
6. Dudley, Cianni - Ernest Everett Just Middle School
7. Hoggs, Blake - Isaac Gourdine Middle School
8. Krischelle Hunt-Owens - Ernest Everett Just Middle School
9. Lyght, Christopher - Tall Oaks Vocational High School
10. Lyght, Leslie - Eleanor Roosevelt High School
11. McCormick, Michael - Isaac Gourdine Middle School
12. Muhammad, Haneef - Isaac Gourdine Middle School
13. Muhammad, Raihannah - Ernest Everett Just Middle School
14. Pandher-Singh, Sarbjit - Community Christian School, Richmond, CA
15. Thomas, Johnetta - Potomac High School
16. Thomas, Shaquille - Mount Vernon High School
17. Zachary, Douglas - Gwynn Park High School

2007 Northeastern HBCU Tour Scholar Roster

1. Bennaugh, Maria - Anacostia High School
2. Bennaugh, Paula - Anacostia High School
3. Boddie, Quaynetta - Southern Nash High School,
Sharpsburg, N.C.
4. Carey, Larissa - Oxon Hill High School
5. Carroll, Delonte - Oxon Hill High School
6. Carter, Joquan - Oxon Hill High School
7. Ferrell, Zhavaria - Kima Public Charter School
8. Goodwin, Ashley - Friendly High School
9. Hameed, Jazmeen - Ernest E. Just Middle School
10. Hines, Tiffany - Anacostia High School
11. Hinson, Tytricia - Anacostia High School
12. Hudnell, Jovada - Ballou High School
13. Jennifer, Lauren - Friendly High School
14. Lang, Kashmia -Montclair High School, Montclair, N.J.
15. Martin, Latoya - Oxon Hill High School
16. Matthews, Tiarra R. - Oxon Hill High School
17. McLaughlin, Isaac - Anacostia High School
18. Narain, Arjune - Deal High School
19. Scott, Ricky - Oxon Hill High School
20. Shaw, Ronald - Riverdale Baptist
21. Sturdivant, Leah - Oxon Hill High School
22. Sutton, LaQuisha - Oxon Hill High School
23. Thomas, Aisha - Oxon Hill High School
24. Womack, Kevoughna - Crossland High School

2008 Southern HBCU College Tour Scholar Roster

1. Afra Abdullah
2. Aisha Friday
3. Aisha Thomas
4. Alexis White
5. Amber Jackson
6. Andre Hall
7. Angeleah Adams
8. Angelica LaCount-Vargas
9. Antonio Jones
10. Antonio Pressley
11. Ashley Walker Smith
12. Asia Jackson
13. Autumn Stephens
14. Avion Shoetan
15. Bianca Dorsey
16. Bijan Black
17. Blesseth Palmer
18. Brandon Dickens
19. Brandon Zachary
20. Breyana Sterling
21. Brianna Dance
22. Brianna Nielson
23. Brittany Silver
24. Brittany Waters
25. Bryan Johnson
26. Camille Huggins
27. Carlton Phillips
28. Chanelle Carter
29. Charee Pearson
30. Chris Heyward
31. Christian Freeman
32. Christopher Bright
33. Clarke S. Randolph
34. Cornelius Johnson
35. Corrine Gussom
36. Courtney Evans
37. Damien Brown
38. Damien T. Hill
39. Danielle Taylor
40. Danielle Veney
41. Darion Parker
42. Darnell Newman, Jr.
43. Darren Gary
44. Deanisha Baynes
45. Denitrices Scott
46. Derrick Parham
47. Diamond Goldring
48. Diamond Pennington
49. Dominque Tyson
50. Douglas Zachary
51. Egypt Lyons
52. Eric Williams
53. Faith McIver
54. Gage Ealey
55. Halimah T. Saalakhan
56. Iesha Reid
57. Jacquline Griffin
58. Jasmine Brooks
59. Jasmine Johnson
60. Jazmeen Hameed
61. Jazmin Cooper
62.Jazmine T. Cox
63.Jeanetta Clayborne
64. Jewel Briscoe
65. Johnetta Thomas
66. Joi Robins-Monroe
67. Jordan Young
68. Joyce Olusoga
69. Justine Riddick
70. Kai Clark
71. Kaya Lowery
72. Kelly Dove
73. Kiana Sample
74. Kiara Palmer
75. Kiera Grant
76. Kimberly Baskerville
77. Kitab Moore
78. Kyara Mullins
79. Kylah Hayes,
80. Kyndra Milton
81. LaShay Wilkerson,
82. Leloni Ingram
83. Lindsey Henderson
84. Marcus D. Hawkins
85. Mashauna LaCount-Vargas
86. Milana Lewis-Zakuto
87. Monet Kingwood
88. Monet Prather
89. Monteshea Saunders
90. Morgan Craig-Williams
91. Murry Scott
92. Mychelle McCreary
93. N’jeri Agyeman
94. Najah Musa
95. Nakkera Walker
96. Otis Brown
97. Princess Clayborne
98. Rashaunda Hayes
99. Sahara Selby
100. Sarah Lyons
101. Shannel Ashby
102. Shaquille Thomas
103. Shelby Powell
104. Siera Toney
105. Susan Angus
106. Taylor Evans
107. Taylor Martin
108. Tazhee Williams
109. Thomas Moore
110. Tierra Griffin
111. Timothy Tyler
112. Toris Moody
113. Travis L. Walker
114. Tristan Youngblood
115. Troy Robinson
116. Van Crawford
117. Vanisha Mintz
118. Walton Small
119. Yvonne Nash

To Our Village Community:

One of the TVC goals is exposing students to options in education, while helping them realize their academic potential. Being a full-time mentor means making a commitment to students and the overall community. It is a privilege that should not be taken lightly, but should be thought of as offering a number of satisfying rewards. Mentoring, while it may be challenging at times, comes with the real prospect of not only positively impacting the life of a student, but of having an equally profound impact on one's own life. With the help of a great volunteer staff, concerned parents, family, churches, service providers, and organizations, The Village Connection has impacted the lives of 230 students.

Thank you all,

Avis White
Co-Founder and Executive Director
The Village Connection
Toll free:1-877-205-6833
Email: info@theconnectedvillage.org

CFC# 69243
MCC# 20103

"The Village Connection has developed a list of likeminded and supportive professionals who are expert in their fields of endeavor. They provide services and information that aid our children and families in accomplishing the goals of preparing them for college and being contributors to society".


ABBA Educational Consultants is a community based Learning Center that features PGCPS extended learning, tutoring and enrichment programs.

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry Individual, Organizational, Political Coaching & Consulting

Helping young students and athletes achieve their dreams by bridging the gap through scholarship.

A Department of Education Grant supported program designed to assist adults 19 yrs and older enroll or re-enroll in post-secondary institutions.

Encourages and enables D. C. Public High School students to enter and graduate from college.
http:// www.dccap.org

Scholarships, Colleges, Online degrees for college-bound, Graduate school bound students

Website for ACT test dates

Website for the SAT test

Real Hip Hop Network

Roots, Inc


Transforming lives through the Power of of the Humanities

Developing & placing talented minority youth in businesses, and preparing them for corporate and community leadership.

Churches that have supported The Village
Connection College Access Programs and College Tours

Fort Washington Baptist Church

Matthews Memorial Baptist Church

Mt. Ennon Baptist Church

Born Again Community Baptist Church

Call "1-877-205-6833"
to leave message

or email info@theconnectedvillage.org

P.O. BOX 1232
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